How to create a content calendar


When I first started blogging, I had no idea what an editorial/content calendar was. I often would find myself starring at a blank screen struggling with finding a topic to write about that was more than a few sentences. Sometimes, I would go days without posting anything because writer’s block is real.

Having an editorial calendar has helped me in several ways and I can’t stress how important it has become to me in my blogging life. Today i am sharing simple steps to beat the writers block.

  • The first step in writing awesome content is to make sure that you have a never-ending well of great ideas. It’s even better if those ideas are in an editorial calendar, so that when you sit down to write, you already know what your topic will be.
  • Determine how many days you will be posting then distribute the ideas.
  • Create actual post ideas. If you know how many times you want to post per week and what each day’s topic will be, you can begin to brainstorm actual post for your editorial calendar.

You can do this step on a paper, Excel sheet, google calendar or an integrated blogging online tool like trello. The goal is to brain dump as many ideas as you can and just get it all down somewhere. I personally use an google calendar. I break down each post into a category, the post date, a short description and images so I know if I need to shoot something for the post or pull from my library. Gone is the feeling that you don’t have anything to write about!

Then once you have a finished post…. share, share, and share it!! Share it across your various social mediums, send out a newsletter if you want, pin it to pinterest, or heck run outside and shout about it to the world ha!. Your audience won’t know to tune into your valuable information if you don’t tell them to!

screenshot 1
my content calendar on Trello


screenshot 2
My content calendar for 2018 on Goggle calendar.

How do you plan your content for your blog or even your social media platforms? What  apps do you use or do you just write on a paper? I would like to know comment below.

Peace Love Fashion.



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